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 With so many options….what brand should I buy?

When considering a heating and cooling system purchase, the most important brand name is the name of the company installing your system. Though there are differences in quality and features of different brands of furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, etc., the methods used in sizing and installing this equipment will determine the efficiency, reliability and life span of your new system. In other words, your new heating/cooling unit is only as good as the overall installation, and the name that matters most is the name of the company you hire to perform this installation.

A top-quality heating and cooling company should always:

•Begin by taking time to have a discussion with you in order to address problems you may have with your existing system or improvements you desire in comfort and indoor air quality.

•Measure your home and perform a proper heating/cooling load calculation in order to size and design the system correctly. A heating and cooling system that is the right size (not too large or small) will provide the best comfort, efficiency and life span of your new heating/cooling system.

•Inspect your existing system and correct any poorly sized or improperly installed air ducts. Your new heating/cooling equipment cannot work efficiently unless the system it is connected to can deliver the right amount of air through it.

•Stay current with and follow all safety codes and practices. This should go without saying, but your local authorities may not provide code enforcement.

•Perform thorough testing of the new system at start-up to ensure it is operating correctly. There are many variables with these systems such as fan speed, gas pressure, refrigerant levels, draft and combustion air settings that must be adjusted properly for your new system to provide the best comfort and reliability while using the least amount of energy.

Vogt Heating and Cooling will carefully select equipment from the best manufacturers and be diligent in performing all proper practices in designing and installing your system so that you may experience many years of comfort, efficiency and reliability.